Strangelands Limited

is a developer of video games and entertainment software, specialising in creating content

for portable and mobile platforms.

We provide either original projects, from conception to production ready master, or convert games from one platform to another. We always strive to make our games fun and involving for players, adapting gameplay where required to take advantage of each target platform’s unique features.

At Strangelands we are also aware of the hard realities of publishing, notably timescales and budgets. We know that if the product is not released at the right time, sales will suffer. We will always aim high and deliver the highest quality product possible, but we will not sacrifice the release schedule in doing so. We will always provide an honest quote and only go over it if the scope of the project changes (and with the client’s approval, of course).

If you would like more information, an informal or confidential chat regarding a potential project

or a full game design and quote, please

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