Strangelands Limited was created in 2010 by Rob Stevens, 25 year veteran of the video games industry.

Rob started creating video games in the late 80's, producing budget titles for the Commodore 64 until he was hired by Palace Software to program the follow-up to Palace's hit game Barbarian. He programmed the lead version of Barbarian 2, writing in 6502 assembly language for the Commodore 64.

After Barbarian 2 Rob moved to Thalamus where he programmed another Commodore 64 game, Snare, while also acting as a technical consultant to the MD.

Moving back to Palace Software, Rob designed and programmed his first Amiga title, a strategic shooter called Hostile Breed. Unfortunately this game was not published, due to the untimely demise of Palace Software along with the Palace Group of companies, but Rob had completed the master and it is now available online via some Amiga emulator websites.

The demise of Palace Software led Rob to France, where he started working for Titus Software and developing games for Super Nintendo. His first title, a platform game called Prehistorik Man, was released to critical acclaim and was one of Titus' greatest hits. Rob designed all the levels and programmed the entire game in 6510 assembly language.

Staying with Titus, Rob became Technical Director and spearheaded the company's transition to 3D gaming, developing both Automobili Lamborghini and Roadsters Trophy for Nintendo 64. Once more, Rob wrote all the code for these games (except the vehicle to vehicle collisions). During this time he also provided tools and technical oversight on Titus' large portfolio of external developments.

Over the next few years Rob moved away from developing his own games, spending most of his time supporting the acquisition of new titles for publishing by Titus Interactive. This involved technical audits of developers based in Europe, the US and Japan, technical oversight on projects under development and technical consulting wherever it was required.

After a few years of working on other people's games, Rob decided to return to directly developing his own games and spearheaded the creation a new development studio on the Cote d'Azur. The studio's first title was to be an ambitious next-gen platformer called Safari Joe, destined for Microsoft XBox, Sony PlayStation 2 and Nintendo GameCube. While working on the game design and handling the day to day running of the studio, Rob also programmed VU microcode for the PS2 render engine. Unfortunately Titus Interactive collapsed before this game could be completed.

Rob remained in the South of France and developed a new set of tools and a cross-platform game engine capable of running high-end rendering on the current generation of hardware and also on less powerful platforms, such as handhelds.

Using the new technologies he created, Rob then developed Legendary Wars - T-Rex Rumble, a real-time strategy title for Nintendo DS. After the release of the first installment on DSiWare, Interplay's financial woes put the project on hold.

It was at this moment that Rob founded Strangelands and started producing the games found on this site.

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